Long Journey – Clear Course:
Our NTB-World

Our identity determines our daily actions operation. The values which characterize our team spirit are firmly anchored in our mission statement and we think and act accordingly.

Our Mission Statement

I am NTB and I have responsibility!
For me. For my customers. For NTB.

Honest, credible and trustful.
To us. To our customers.

We are customer-oriented.
A lot of things are possible, some only with us.
We accept every challenge and give our best.

What we do and our actions are open,
transparent and comprehensible

Motivation, appreciation
and a positive attitude
are the basis of our actions.

Criticism is the chance to improve.
In conflicts, we talk to each other and not about each other.
We resolve conflicts objectively and promptly.

Everybody is treated with respect.
Everybody is valuable.
Everybody is important to success

We support each other!
Only together, we constitute NTB!

NTB Mission Statement Poster (in german).pdf